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Road Signs & Stands

Portable Steel Tripod Base

This sturdy, highly portable steel base is a perfect for quick set‐ups:

  • Extremely durable 100% steel construction
  • Accommodates 90 cm x 90 cm to 120 cm x 120 cm signs
  • Easy to carry, transport
  • Available in various colors, galvanized or bare steel

Quadra Flex Stand

  • Spring-loaded QFV sign stands display 36” and 48” roll-up panels a minimum of 14” off the ground
  • Patented spring design incorporates anti-rotational device and positive stops to prevent spring over-stress
  • Exclusive base, spring and leg design eliminates the need for sandbags and absorbs winds up to 50 mph
  • Unique kick lock release lever allows easy leg unfolding and adjusting to uneven terrain
  • Durable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum legs provide longer service life and easier handling without sacrificing strength
  • Quick lock mast allows for easy panel set-up/take-down. Velcro strap-on mast prevents panel from windmilling when wrapped around vertical fiberglass rib
  • Four steel L-shaped brackets reinforce legs to base. Telescoping aluminum legs provide maximum stability
  • Kits include: Base, Mast, Ribs and Flags

Heavy Duty Galvanized Ground Base

Traditional, galvanized ground base.

  • 25 lb. weight is heavy and reduces the need for sand bags
  • Sturdy design keeps signs upright in even the toughest of weather conditions
  • Accommodates 90cm x 90 cm to 120 cm x 120 cm signs
  • Galvanized to prevent rust and maximize your investment

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