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Safety Essentials

First Aid and Emergency Supplies

Industry works hard to lower the risks of injuries on their jobsite and plants, but sometimes injuries will occur. Regulations require employers to have a minimum level of first aid at all workplaces, this will vary based on the type of work and the number of employees, Please be prepared for any incident and protect your workforce from further injuries by being prepared. We stock a large assortment of supplys in this area. First aid kits, bandages, protective gloves, face masks, eye wash stations and more.

Fire Protection

Its not just buildings that we have to protect from fire, Vehicles used for work or on a worksite must carry appropriate fire extinguishers. We carry a variety of extinguishers to suit the industry market. We also carry fire blankets, extinguisher covers, stickers and fire retardant clothing.

Road Builders Needs

Road builders play a significant role in all our lives, the work that they do is unique in that equipment they use and products they need. They require site specific items that are unique to the industry, we carry those products also. Pavement marking tape, Hazard markers, signage, paint markers, chalk markers etc.

Other Workplace essentials

In our efforts to service all of our customer needs we also carry a wide selection of miscellaneous items such as flashlights, miners safety glasses, shop jackets, large selection of work gloves, beanies, hand and foot warmers, bug repellant, sun block, lip balm, slip guards, ice gripers, squelchers and insulated containers, rubber boats, lock out tags and much much more.

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