Scaffolding Erection Standards

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Legislation requires that employees who are expected to erect scaffolding be adequately trained to erect that scaffold. McLeod Safety’s Scaffolding Erection course teaches employees the proper methods and skills needed to build scaffold in accordance with applicable standards and legislation.

Course topics include;

  • The nature of scaffold hazards
  • The correct procedures for erecting, disassembling, moving, operating, repairing, inspecting and maintaining the type of scaffold
  • The design criteria and maximum intended load-carrying capacity
  • Intended use of the scaffold

Who Should Attend: Any individuals who are expected to erect scaffolding in their role.

Please note: This course requires students to perform a practical component which allows the instructor to observe and pass the information on to the employer for feedback. If your organization does not have manufactured scaffolding available for use, it will need to be obtained. Should McLeod Safety make the arrangements to obtain this material for training, the costs associated with that will be charged to the client organization.

As McLeod Safety does not own the scaffolding material, this training is limited to organizations who wish to have us provide the training on-demand and in the location of their choosing.

Organizations may choose only to have the in-class, or theory, portion of the training conducted at their discretion. Doing so will adjust the course length to 4 hours; for pricing, please contact us.

Course Availability

Course Details

Course length: 8 hours

Course Takeaways: Training Certification Card, Student Guide, Organizational Safety Materials

Price: Please Contact – On-Demand Only