Emergency First Aid & CPR

Emergency First Aid & CPR2018-12-06T16:57:24-04:00

CPR and breathing emergencies in adults; AED, first aid for bleeding; sudden illness and injury emergency care skills for the occupational first aid provider.

New!!! McLeod Safety now offers Blended eLearning for first aid training. This nationally recognized, and approved, course means participants can complete much of the training online, at their own pace and wherever they want. A great way for organizations to limit training downtime!

Each Blended eLearning course is divided into two sessions. Participants must first complete the self-paced online session and then successfully complete the Part-2 Practical Training session in order to achieve certification.

The online course covers all relevant theory the participant needs to complete before taking the practical training session. Each of the modules will be thoroughly explained with minimal technical terminology and include a helpful, quick review section.

Once completed online students only need additional three hours of practical training and they are done. Normally Emergency First Aid will take the whole day; now it’s down to just hours in a class.

Regulations and Guidelines:

  • Meets provincial, and territorial Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations; Federal Human Resources and Social Development of Canada (HRSDC) Canadian Labor Code; Canadian Occupational Health and Safety (COHS) Regulation.

Who Should Attend: The public, Canadian business, industry and government agencies with employees that have an occupational requirement to be Emergency First Aid trained.

Course Availability

Course Details

Course length: 8 hours

eLearning course length: 3 hours (in-class)

Course Takeaways: Training Certification Card, Student Guide, Organizational Safety Materials

Price: $85